Saturday, August 20, 2005

What a great day!

Nothing can make today bad. Absolutely nothing.I don't mean to gloat.... but wait a minute i do! Get off your high horse!Nobody is perfect. I'm waiting to see if any efforts will be made to set things straight. This time, chocolate won't do it.

I went to catch The Maid wth my baby sister today. It is a wonderful feeling knowing everyone is at work while i'm enjoying an afternoon movie on a weekday! we went to great world city, had nice lunch at siam kitchen, the movie was not too bad either. all in all .... a good day it was.

At 8, i decided to go to tampines and surprise my sayang. along the way, he called i had to let the cat out of the bag. If i didn't, then he go home, barulah padan my muka. We had a simple but super shiok dinner. we had laksa at QiJi. So sedap i tell you. and a side of chee cheong fun. after that we went jalan jalan and he bought me earrings..... thank you sayang! so cantik my earrings. then we bought our starbucks fix and headed home.

Now, while my sayang watches his weekly Barclay's Premiership Updates, I'm blogging. We are waiting for Cold Case to start. We are Bruckheimer junkies.

Today is a good day. As i say, nothing can make it bad. Not even the bad driving of the smelly cab driver that brought us home from tampines.

Today is a GOOD DAY!

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