Monday, August 29, 2005

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...

What does it really mean when you hate someone? Do you hate them as a person? Do you hate their actions? Do you hate the way they react? What? So if you hate them, does it make you a lesser person?

Right now I'm hating 2 particular persons. HATE. I hate them to the highest degree of hate possible. But I can't pinpoint what exactly is the thing that I hate about them. At this juncture, I hate everything about them.

I wish I had the guts to look them in the eyes and tell them what I feel. If i did, this is what i'll say:

What exactly is your problem?? You! So old yet so ignorant! Stop pretending that you don't know! This has already happened during the first term. How can you let it happen again? Is it because you think that what happened thn does not affect you because you were not the setter? You gave me a false sense of security! Thinking that you have vetted my paper, you would spot my mistakes and get me to correct my paper!! But you didn't and in true malay style, you covered your own ass. Now it's happening again. But this time you are the setter! I hope you get shit for this. I really do. If that makes me a bad person, then so be it!

Then.... ( the other one that i hate ) Where do you come of thinking that you are so good that your paper, anwer key and marking is error free? What was is that you said? 100 % correct?? wake and smell the roses my friend!!!! You did not go throug what i did in sa1. Being questioned and asked to justify my language by peopel who are not even malay.... let me tell you it felt like shit!!! For weeks after, i continually doubted myself.... it took a lot to pick myself up. Now, your are so arrogant! !00% correct indeed! The kids could give me better answers than you can! I hope you get into shit as well...

In recent times, I have been shown that God is All knowing and He is great. Indeed. Wouldn't he be disappointed that the two of you who preach His word, who always say that our job is our amanah and that if we don't perform in our job, if we take fake MCs then our gaji is haram are the very same people who have screwed up and others...BIG TIME??

Everyone is screwed up but you old person you have screwed people.... in particular ME!!! All these years i've helped you... while you got your SEO I got my D and my promotion witheld for 5 years. All these years i've done your job.... while you got your Bs I got screwed for ALL problems in the department. All these years.... while you gallavant in the united arab countries I stayed during the hols and cleaned up your mess... All I have done for you..... What do i get? A WARNING LETTER!!!! aaaaarrrrhhhgg!!!

May Allah bless you coz as far as I am concerned, you have NOT earned your keep....

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