Saturday, August 13, 2005

The best things in life are free

I was sick since last sunday. Had the runs. maybe expired eggs or maggi gone bad. Never thought maggi could go bad. Must be the egg. Anyhow, was stuck at home with the runs. Sayang had to work that sunday. Left at 8 in the morn, returned home at 2 the next morn! But that's another story.... so decided that my wadrobe needed some minor straightening out...actually it needed MAJOR straightening out...... So i set out to sort thru my haute courture.... As i was throwing out stuff, i thought, my,my.... these clothes shrunk! hehe.... Now we all know what really happened now don't we? Anyway, the sneezes started the moment i rummaged thru my clothes... ended up with me getting asthma....sigh.... Couldn't go to work the following airway was congested while my a** was leaking..... Yuck!

Anyway, my mak sayang came to visit me that monday. I was sooo touched! Sayang sekali!! My relationship with my mom has not always been easy. I had always been closer to my dad. So after he passed away, i decided that i needed to get to know my mom better, but it did not turn out the way I had wanted... We were constant loggerheads.... always at opposing ends. Everything became a battle with us. Even after i got married and my sayang moved in, we were still at each others' throats. That was when i decided that i needed to move out. I tell you, that was the wisest thing i have ever decided. Our relationship improved almost instantly! I was calling her everyday, we were hanging on the phone..... we did things we never did before.... I thank Allah for giving me the wisdom and strength to make that decision. Now, everything is wonderful with her. She was diagnosed with kidney failure. That has made us even closer. God works in mysterious ways. Something that I thought could make my world come crashing down, actually brought me and my mom closer.

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