Monday, November 27, 2006

Lovely Cuppies

I got these for my nieces' birthday. They are absolutely yummy!! The previous ones I got had hard icing. But these had soft soft icing that just complements the not so sweet cake bit of the cuppy. So sedap!! Anyone interested, go visit her very happy website.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

An Update

I'm on my year end break now. Many, many things have happened since. Some good, some, well.... not so.

The PSLE results came out. My kids did very well. As a class, we scored 6A* and 26 As. I am truly truly proud of them. I think our hard work paid off guys! Can't say the same for 3 of my Higher Malay kids though. Sigh... They should have listened to me when I told them to drop it. Aaargh!!

My niece who is in P1 has managed to score Band 1 in all her subjects! Very,very proud of her. So in conjunction with her birthday, we bought her Mary Jane Crocs and a cllection of well loved Ladybird series books. She must've been upset with the books coz she was more interested in the pink bow we had stuck on the books.

At least they were excited about the crocs. MBB got me a pair too!! I like... makes me feet look very girl.

Then I went on a night tour. With Datin Paduka Baginda. We went to Mt Faber, Esplanade, Mustaffa Centre. Then we had shiok supper of satay and chicken rice at Lau Pa Sat. Then we went vegetable shopping at the Pasir Panjang Wholesale. Let me tell you, it was an experience. It was wonderful. We got to buy very very fresh vegetables at very very cheap prices. It was really fresh. Though I got the impression that the sellers were not too happy with selling such a small quantity of vegetables to us. Heh. What made it worse was that I forgot to take pictures. So busy with my veg, I was. Then we went to Jurong Fishery Port. Horror stories of how smelly it was gonna be preceded the place. But when we got there, safe for few sections outside the main market, it didn't smell at all. The sight that met me gave me quite a shock. There were hundreds of huge fish that was very neatly arranged on the floor! There were bins after bins of fish and prawns. They were quite cheap. I bought a kilo of prawns and ikan kembung. Incidentally, my ikan kembung has already been used to make my very successful ikan sumbat sambal. Heh. After marketing, we ended our night... err.. morning at Al-Azhar with prata and drinks. We also tried to figure out if the people at the table next to ours were loan sharks as in thepeople who actually owns the money. As it turned out, Datin saw one of them peeing by the side of the road. Heh.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Know Them

I read this at PostSecret. It's quite scary when you realise that the person behind the voice might be that very quiet student of yours. Simply because the fella is well behave and presents no behavioural problem whatsoever even when taunted by friends, does not mean the fella is coping well. Although it actually might, but it can also mean thatt the fella is afraid to speak up. In my line of work, I have to constantly remind myself to KNOW my pupils.

Georgia On My Mind

See that girl in white? I miss her. Terribly. Especially during the Raya season like this. Wished she was here. If she were, I could've gone and gotten me some kuih tetek. I know, Don't Ask! But them kuihs are damned shiok. Actually I miss her whole family lah.

Introduction's in order I guess... The guy behind her is her laling husband, Sean. The young girl in front of her is Elza, her cousin. The gorgeous lady seated in front is Aunty Suliah with Aaron and Leslie. They are gorgeous kids aren't they? Although their mommy calls them monsters. What goes around comes around lah babe.... you also monster what.... heh.

I'm really looking forward to their coming down in May. She had better come and see me..... If finances allow, maybe MBB and I can follow you home eh?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I See You!

We got ourselves a web cammie! So fun! Now I can talk to Has AND see her all the way in Athens. Hooray!! We spent quite some time being silly. The cammie also has a photo function. Sekali sekala perangai macam budak kecik tu macam seronok kan? Thanx Ayang for getting me the cammie! I absolutely love it!