Sunday, August 07, 2005

Smelling nice...

I'm very particular about smells. I consider it a social crime if one forgets to use deodorant or does not keep oneself err.... odour free. I hate it! At work, there are 3 particular colleagues who stink. Let me just say it again.... YOU SMELL! Literally. don't get me wrong, you are nice people, but you stink.... please...heard of deodorant? I don't quite fancy eau de armpit! Wonder if you'll get offended if I leave deodorant on your tables.... But just in case you are wondering, speed stik for ladies is very good..... just one thing you should remember..... DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

Anyway, i'm a strong advocate of smelling good. One of many reasons why i love perfumes. One of my many vices. Last week, I ran out of supplies. I went down to mustaffa centre in Serangoon with my sayang. After having very shiok thosai at Ananda Bhava, we went over. Why Mustaffa? It's cheaper. Almost cheaper by more than $10 for some brands. Like Lolita Lempicka, at Tangs, 100ml is about $80 but at Mustaffa it's only $65!! And they have a wide range of perfumes.

So my perfume has finished. Loilita Lempicka is my ultimate fav, but I thought i might try a new fragrance. So i went with an open mind and without perfume, so that when i tried on new fragrances, they won't mix. I was paranoid about that. Kept asking my sayang if i was smelly..... as i say, i hate not smelling good. So anyway, when we got there, I was at a loss.... There were so many i wanted. All that I tested, I liked!! I was spoilt for choice. Didn't know what I wanted. Finally after about an hour of indecisiveness, I finally decided on.... LOLITA LEMPICKA...... hahahah...... I just grabbed the box nearest me and paid for it.

After that we went to NYDC at Holland V. We had elephancchinos and Boo Boo cake... Yummy! Then we headed home. I opened my box of new perfume and discovered that I had bought the EDT instead of the EDP!!! EDT is much lighter as it evaporates faster than EDP. That means, i need to use more edt to last me thru the day!..... I was so mad with myself.... Of course my sayang said that my mistake was due to my indecisiveness..... Well that's me for you... when presented with many choices, I almost always lose sight of what i really want.

So I have decided that next payday, I will go and get Polo Ralph Romance... or maybe Clinique's Happy to Be or Lancome's Miracle or even Gucci's Envy..... Or maybe even end up getting another Lolita Lempicka's EDT..... hahahhahaha.......

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