Thursday, December 28, 2006

Big Jolt

We had a staff meeting followed by the various committee meetings this morning. What a big jolt back to reality. Much to be done. Felt somewhat unreal. As Fiza quite aptly puts it, she's in denial. Heh.

Got a new leader today, positive vibes all around. A gesture made showed that he has the makings of a leader who does not only think of himself. Looking foward to working with him.

Well, 2007, may you bring with you blessings and the much needed changes.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Did It!

I woke up to a snoring husband, a stiff neck and a really groggy head and after looking out of my window, a very very very heavy heart. It was raining... Noooo...
And so it was that I prepared for my final lesson and my test sans the butterfly soiree in the stomach this time but more of a dread. Why did it have to rain again?! The now-no-longer-snoring husband tried to comfort me. So sayang I of him but unless he can stop the rain, I was considering not even going.
And so it was that I told myself to heck it and just go. Rain and all.
And so it is, after 32 lessons albeit 1920 buckeroos, after a kerby during the first attempt, of which I of course failed, after 2 insructors and after buckets of rain, yours truly finally did it. Proud of myself, I am. Something long overdue this is.
Happy birthday my Mak Sayang. I know your many many doa helped. I hope this is as wonderful a gift as I can ever give you.
Ayang, I know we agreed on 2008, but ah, my hands very the gatal.... *wink*

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Gastronomic Getaway

I had loads to write about my getaway to KL. But I thought I'd tease a little first. More to come...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You Know You're In Malaysia When.....

You know you're in Malaysia when pakciks old enough to be your father calls you kakak.

You know you're in Malaysia when every kilometer or so, you gotta fork out coins to pay the toll.

You know you're in Malaysia when ladies are so particular about donning the tudung, but hey, it's perfectly ok to wear capped sleeves and show more skin especially by wearing low necklines and even lower rise jeans.

You know you're in Malaysia when you're in a major department during the Christmas season surrounded by Zara, Prada, Coach, Tod's, Gucci and more and yet Lovehunters' music wafts through the air.

You know you're in Malaysia when you're along a major expressway and on a road sign, you see ' RESTORAN AH CIK, IKUT KIRI'

You know you're in Malaysia when you're in a restaurant and gets served only 1 glass of water when there's obviously the 2 of you.

You know you're in Malaysia when you have to ask 3 people before you get 2 slices of lemon.

You know you're in Malaysia when after the water and lemon fiasco, they still screw up your bill.

You know you're in Malaysia when it cost 20 cents for a third person to sit in a cab and 40 cents for a fourth.

But.... if MBB gets posted there, I'll be so the happy. Almost everything is Halal you!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Say Cheese!

I found me a new toy to tinker with this hols! It has gotten me ooh-so-excited!! Espcially after that very UNsatisfying photoshop affair...I had actually thought you'd have to own a polaroid to do this but guess what? You DON'T!! Like the collage? That's my first product. So cool!!

On a different note, I managed to convince MBB to let me whisk him away for a short getaway. Just to say thanx for tolerating my countless mood swings and whinings and crying and being depressed... I love him to bits that man.Thanx for taking the time out Ayang...the 2.2 thingy was also a contributing factor lah. If got time but no money, also no point, no?