Sunday, August 14, 2005

Funny people

People are people so.... what should it be...... The words of depeche mode rings in my ear everytime peoples' idiosyncrasies get the better of me. There are funny, funny people all around me..... I even don't have to look very far... At work, there is this one person who complains incessantly.Recently this person was unwell, so this person called me on my mobile. I was unable to answer the call, so later, when i called back, this person said, 'thanx for calling me' ?????? I didn't call, i was returning hers!! Then there are others who look through people with no qualms whatsoever..... so easy peasy! When they want to talk to you, they can seem to be your pal but when there is no need to, they can simply ignore you!! What gives?

What actually gives people the right to do that? Don't people realise that when they do that they leave others around them out to dry? There are also some who are so insensitive to the plight that others are in. For instance, there is this person, who everytime i say that i have too much work, she says that she has 5 composition to mark at home.... when i say that my house in a mess, hers is messier of course since it's occupied by 5 other people..... when i told her my mom has kidney failure, her aunt also has that and cancer and going blind in one eye.... so i have given up on telling her anything.

In fact, have given up on saying anything to anyone at work. it seems that whatever i say can and has been used against me.... i know i have my shortcomings..... i know i'm loud and rash....sometimes lazy..... but i have heart.... and because of that, i've mistaken you for somebody else, somebody who gives a damn, somebody more like myself........ sigh......

I have heart. That has made me naive. That has blurred the difference between colleagues and friends. That has made me not see that people have taken me for a ride. I have heart. Give me chocolate and i'll forgive all transgressions against me.... How easy! How naive!

Things have happened that has jolted me out of my naivete. But i can't change how people are. I cannot make people be what they are not. All I can do is change myself. so now, this is what i'll live by...

*Knowing myself.
*Asking for help when I need it and acting on my own when I don't.
*Admitting when I'm wrong and making amends.
*Accepting love from others, even if I'm having a tough time loving myself.
*Recognizing that I always have choices, and taking responsibility for the ones I make.
*Seeing that life is a blessing.
*Having an opinion without insisting that others share it.
*Forgiving myself and others.
*Recognizing my shortcomings and my strengths.
*Having the courage to live one day at a time.
*Acknowledging that my needs are my responsibility.
*Caring for people without having to take care of them.
*Accepting that I'll never be finished -- I'll always be a work-in-progress

God give me the strength to face life. Give me the patience to excel at what I do. Give me love, lot of it, so I can love... even those who hate me

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