Sunday, July 31, 2005


I watched this movie just now. Loved it. For the first time, I saw, in a Malaysian made movie, a real hospital room!.... In one scene where the hero's friend was injured and had to be hospitalized, it was shot in a real one. I was very impressed. But then again... This is no ordinary movie..... IT IS NOT a Yusof Haslam movie.... IT IS NOT starring Erra Fazira and wig wearing husband Norman from KRU. It's cast consisted of people who can actually act! I was not even irritated when they spoke a mixture of English and Malay when I usually do especially if spoken by actors who say 'care L' when talking about the capital of Malaysia and how they need to go 'oversea' to study! In fact the mixed language used in this movie was so naturally spoken. Just like something you and I might use in our daily dealings in life....

I loved the show. Did I say that already? I'll say it again..... I love the show. Partly due to the fact that it brought back fond memories of my first ever 'boyfriend'.He he.... The show is about cross racial love, by the way. I agree with what one of the characters said. Back then, life was so simple. Everybody liked everybody.... Why is it that now, when we are supposed to be more civilized, communication has become more difficult to do?

In fact I have more to add to that. I remembered a story my late grandpa told me about how he used to wait by the titi in his kampung for the postman to come by every 26th of the month because that was whenthe letter from my grandma to be would arrive. Maklumlah kan, the postal service in Muar in the 40s leaves a lot to be desired. So a single letter would take at least 3 weeks before it arrived to the other party. My point, and I do have one, is that, it was THAT difficult to stay in touch back then but people made the effort. BUT NOW, we have email, hand phones, fax machines, instant messaging and everything else that facilitates communication, it is simply getting harder for people to keep in touch. Absurd isn't it?

Who ate the nangka, he will kena the getah lah..... but he who makes my heart smile.... this one's for you....

Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's Our Anniversary!!

Six years ago on July 27th, at about 3 in the morning,I wondered into a chatroom.... Yes Internet Chatroom.... Back then better known as IRC.. It was a sleepless night, I was then suffering from minor insomnia. After logging on and surfing into the chatroom, I scanned thru the names of chatters available online. The handle INSOMNIAC attracted my attention.... Hey, someone who knows what I'm going thru... So i clicked on him, we exchanged customary hellos, and started chatting...I think we chatted about 15 mins when my net connection kept dropping... good ol days of dial up.... :) This fella kept calling asking for a pakcik called Subuh! I told him to wait a few more hours and he'll definitely come by!

Anyway, that was the one and only time we chatted. At the end of it we exchanged phone numbers and let's just say, the rest is history.... hehehe... What was nice is that he turned out to be a friend of my friends and our worlds got quite small...... So there, that's how we met.... On the internet! People say that's so desperate isn't it? But no matter what I met the love of my life there and we got married and still together....

To he who takes my breath away, I love you, and everyday I thank God for bringing you into my life....

Monday, July 25, 2005


I was at Jurong Point this evening.With my sayang. A rare occasion in itself... Very quietly, we were comfortably seated at Mc Cafe sipping our pretty coffee and sharing a chunky chicken foccacia, when suddenly an indescribable stench wafted through the air... I immediately looked around to search where this certainly unwelcomed 'aroma' was coming from.

My attention was grabbed by a young couple with a child who was probably about a year and a half. But what appalled was me was that the mother was changing the diaper of her son who had done a major poo poo right at the table where the other patrons were eating!!!!

What were they thinking!? Did they think the patrons needed an added olfactory enhancement? Basically when I saw them, what crossed my mind was 'Are you stupid or what?!!'

Have people no regard for others what so ever? In fact on my way to Jurong Point, while waiting for a cab, another couple out of nowhere cut my queue and hijacked my cab! Why is that? Why? Why? If I had my wish for our nation's 40th birthday, it'll definitely be that my fellow countrymen show some empathy and regard for others.....

Sunday, July 24, 2005

We are 10!

My school recently had a big bash of a celebration. It was a great success. Kudos to the people heading the organization of the celebration! I had my teeniest part to play in this bash as well... I was tasked to put up some fun facts about the school. So in my quest to do that, I chanced upon old photographs of the 'pioneer' group of teachers.... I was part of that group.... I was smaller then...sigh... but I digress....

Anyway, what I had meant to say was that the school has certainly changed! The staff went from about 25 to more than a 100 strong! It really takes some effort to make sure you know EVERYONE! Sad to say that I don't know some of the teachers in the staff room now... Back then, when everyone knew everyone, the working environment was warm and going to work was such fun.... Well.... Things change right?

Having such a big staff means that there are many characters that come to work everyday. With the big bash, I saw the 'real side' of some of these colleagues of mine... There are those who work relentlessly to ensure the success of the celebration. There are those who work silently and independantly. There are also those who grumble and grumble and grumble but nevertheless gets the job done. But there are also those, who don't really do very much, but strut around being very cocky like the whole celebration would not be successful if not for them! And some even take credit for something they did not even think of! Why do they behave that way? and the person who tought of the idea is just starting out and trying to make a name for himself.... and what is worse, others don't give credit to the right people.

People who have the power..... Recognise talents! Give credit when it's due!

Saturday, July 23, 2005


I love this girl. Perhaps more than I should. Maybe it's just my inability to have one of my own. Sigh... but certain egos, certain insecurities of certain people have forced me to give up that love. All I can do now is just dwell in past happy memories I have had with her. Her cheekiness, her pretty little eyes, the way she tries to explain herself.... the way she cups me face with her tiny hands and tells me to not cry...

All my life, people that I truly love are always taken away from me... my dad and my yayi. They were the men in my life. I loved them more than life itself. I would give anything to just see them again... just one more time... But i guess, that's just the way life goes... People come into your life... and then they go.... Circle of life.

Fortunately for me, I have found another man who has taken my heart. Wonderful thing love is, just when something devastating happens and you think you just cannot love anymore, you meet somebody and your heart just fills up with so much love, you just want to burst. That's how I feel about my sayang. We've been married for almost 4 years now but everytime I see him and he smiles at me, it's like, the first time i realised that i love him, all over again.... :)


It takes a lot of hard work to make relationships work... Sometimes you just never know where to draw lines. Someone whom you think is a friend, eventually becomes some one you just happen to know. Someone whom you think you know and have known for years, turns out to be a person you barely recognise... What happens? What happens to change that dimension that once promised to be a great relationship?

Things happen. From them, I have sadly learned that I am naive and is basically a poor judge of character. I have always thought of people as friends first and eventually grow into great friends.... But I now know that they should have been aquaintances first. My heart breaks everytime these friends get hurt, by me or other people. I guess, my expectation would have been to clarify but sadly to these friends, I am not a friend to them, merely someone they know, thus not warranting any form of clarifications.

I have been told that I am overly sensitive. While that may be, I find that it makes me more emphatetic. I know that whatever my actions, there's always heart at the middle of it. If that makes me a weak person.... then so be it.