Tuesday, August 16, 2005


65521111.... That number is on my speed dial.For those who don't already know, it's the cab booking number from Comfort. Even the increased fee of $4 after 5 did not deter me from calling. I mean, have you seen some of the cab queues? Come on! Not calling is not option for me. How can you have a queue of about 40 people probably waiting for 42 cabs, and NO cabs to serve this queue? Like at Suntec, Taka......

I wish i had a Hippogriff, or a nimbus 2000. Or I could learn to drive.Hmmm... Let's see how finances are in September.

Anyway, today, I met my adik at Suntec. She wanted to get this absolute must-have of a bag from Adidas. Felt very old coz i thought the bag was so buruk when she was raving on and on and on..... but anyway, after reaching the store, the bag dah out of stock.... hahahah. Finally, I yang beli a nice brown straw bag..... So anyway lah kan, we had a nice dinner @ Fish & Co. Went junk shopping at Carrefour. Ever notice how you almost always end up buying things you dont need when you wheel a trolley at a hypermart? Note to self- NO MORE TROLLEYS. So after paying for our stuff, we went on to get our cab to go home. To our horror, it was the 40 people to 42 cab kinda queue.... So i decided to call. We got a cab, 6006, cool number. So we waited outside at the benches for the cab to arrive. It finally came and as i was frantically waving at the cab to come over to where we were, this Ah Lian looking girl just cut in front of me and got into my 6006! I was like?????

Now, apart from smelly people, i hate people who cut my queue and also they who hijack my cab! So i knocked on the driver's window. This driver also one kind.... didn't even bother to check, just because the ah lian a bit the cantik, quickly want to drive off... He rolled down the window and the following conversation took place...

me: " uncle, going cck crescent is it?"
Apek: " ya!"
me: " she going where? "
Apek: " CCk lah!"
me: " You ask her ah?"
Apek: " she say she call one!"

At this point, the apek got a little impatient...

Apek: "why u ask?'
Me: " because i call!!! U ask her for her telephone ah!"

So the apek proceeded to ask the ah lian for her number. so when she gave a number different from the one on his display unit ( mine! ) apek scolded her lah. She still had the audacity to say that the cab company got her number wrong..... so i told her "eh, please lah, can you get out? I have diarrhea, need to sh**.... please lah...". She finally got out of the cab. The sounds of Hokkien expletives filled the air. Needless to say, I gave apek a long lecture on how he should check his passengers first.

I mean, why do people do that? Get your own cab why don't you!!!


Anonymous said...

you are low class, just look at the way you yourself spoke.

Anonymous said...


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