Friday, August 26, 2005

Pissed Off - Part Deux

I was away on course today. Full day course. 8-5. Tomorrow will be another day. I was absolutely looking forward to waking up slightly later on saturday. catch up on lost sleep. So imagine how pissed off I was when i got a call telling me that a note was left on my table. ordinarily, that would not have an effect on me but when the contents of the note was read to me, I immediately felt my blood bubble...... This was what it said:

You are involved in the p3 screening test this saturday as invigilator. Please be at the quiet zone at 7.20 am to mark attendance.

Let me tell you right now that even typing that made angry tears come out. My points of contention, and i do have a few, are:

1. Why am i being informed of someting i have to do on saturday on the thursday? 2 days before?!!!! I am away on course. If kind tyahuliz did not let me know about it, i would not have known and then what?

2. Why was there no briefing done on this? if mdm jann were the person organising this, she would have ensured that EVERYONE knew about it. she would have made sure that the people involved were given proper work schedules and were explained their duties. NOT SMALL SQUARES WITH WORDS SCRIBBLED ON THEM!!!! So bloody unprofessional! Instead of the briefing on tpsr done during contact time ( which i would have rendered much less important than the screening test) it should have been the briefing on the screening!

3. What happened to not coming on saturday? the screening test could have been conducted on friday. the exams are over, so just do it during lesson. if there are some children who wish to be exempt, then they can be grouped and put in the library or something. is there even a need to have it on saturday?

4. What is the management's stand on this? we were not encouraged to come together to mark our exam scripts but coming back on saturday to do this screening test sits well with them????

5. Did anyone ever considered that I might have made plans for saturday? in fact not only me lah.... I'm sure everybody has plans. I have to take my mum to the dialysis centre. this is a long standing arrangement i have with my mum. If i was informed earlier, i could have made some arrangements...... which brings me back to point no 1!!!!

Why oh why are things becoming more and more ridiculous????? How anyone can and want to tahan this crap is beyond me........ sigh.........

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