Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nevermind Lah

Does it not just suck when things don't go the way you plan?


Come on, time to find a new distraction!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Oh Yas!

Was very very the impressed by this.

Then this came along and wowed me.

Now she's teasing me with this.

Faster, faster release it here first, ok?

Lazy Saturday

MBB and I decided that we were not going to do anything remotely related to work today. So I decided that I was going to satisfy myself.... with a long time craving.

We went to NYDC @ Wheelock and had the jazzy brownie. Exactly the way I had wanted it. The brownie was soft, warm and chocful with pecan. The ice cream was cold and milky french vanilla. The drizzle was warm, thick choc fudge which melted into the ice cream. Very light whipped cream, handful of peanut bits and a fresh half cherry topped the whole thing off. I was in heaven! It was yummy, yummy, yummy and I was one satisfied woman. Heh. It will be a long time before I will want another brownie.

After that, we spent some time getting lost @ BORDERS. I love that place. Makes me feel clever. Heh. Got me a Torey Hayden. MBB got the collection of jokes and humorous anecdotes from Reader's Digest. We then went to this place. This place is new but it was so cosy with many armchairs. When we saw a corner being freed up, yours truly quickly went to settle herself there. After we settled down, MBB went to order our drinks. We decided to go with fruity drinks instead of our usual fixes.

That's our drinks with MBB's book. While we were surveying the surroundings, MBB looked up and saw this.

So pretty. Apparently the whole 'roof' of Milennia Walk is made up of many of these 'funnel' like thingies. I took this picture by simply looking up from my super comfy armchair. Incidentally, all pictures in this blog were taken by MBB's Motorola Razor V3X. Resolution's quite good. After we were done being in awe of this architectural amazement, MBB quickly started on his book while I, continued taking pictures. Heh. I like lah.

Thanx Ayang for a wonderfully lazy today.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Singapore Idol

I was watching SUPERNOVA on 18 and suddenly thought with dismay what a joke our Singapore Idol is. Everything about it is a joke. Everything. From the hosts to the judges to the fans and of course to the biggest joke of all, the contestants, with a few exceptions. Let me give you a blow by blow account of my claim.

There's 2 hosts. Whatever for? I think Gurmit has done a fairly good job of it last year, so why do we need Daniel the POSER Ong this year? What is up with the inconsistent American accent? and do you realise that he asks the same questions to every contestant? Any idiot can do that. Even the next Singapore Idol can do that. Err... who? The next Singapore Idol? Who else? Joakim Gomez lah. I think Gurmit should be the only one hosting this programme. Although he mispronounces a lot of words, he has the depth and experience to always play off the person he's talking to and asks questions relevant to that person. Dan Ong on the other hand, should just stick to radio.

What is with the judges and their trying-too-hard-to be-clever comments? Especially Ja. I like her but she's got to realise that her wit falls on deaf ears. Our audience are simply NOT astute enough to understand her sarcasm and double meaning. I think Florence is tone deaf. The fact that she 'actually enjoyed' Joakim's performances makes me doubt her credibility. I think Dick could do well to just say what he really means. But the lamest has got to be Ken lah. I mean he claims to be straight up, frank and tell the truth. I don't see him living up to that at all. Why does he not just say that Joakim cannot sing and that he is a joke to this competition? And week after week he does nothing but puts Hady down. Last night he called hady's performance a dime in a dozen. The saying is 'A DIME A DOZEN'. Get it right Mr Lim! Does he not realise that by saying that, he's saying that EVERYONE'S performance was the same as Hady's? Wake up and face the music!

The mosh pit should be called the swamp pit and the fans in it, swamp things. Why? Cos they never know when they should shut their mouths. While the contestants are doing their do, these 'fans' should shut up so everyone can hear them. So the judges can actually hear how bad Joakim is. Enough with all the incessant yelling and screaming. These fans should also start choosing and supporting the contestants who can actually sing. Come on fans, this IS a SINGING competition. The people who are safe each week are mostly people who CANNOT sing. Are our standards that low? What is so good about Joakim? What is so great about Jasmine? They cannot sing lah.....

Now the best part! The contestants. If I had my pick, the final 3 would be Mathilda, Jonathan and of course my Hady. The rest leaves very little to be desired. However, if the voting goes on the way it has been, the winner and the next Singapore Idol will be Joakim Gomez. Who incidentally should take a deed poll and change his name to Butcher Gomez. Why? Cos he bloody well butchers each and every song he err... sings? My heart actually aches when I see him perform. And he is so smug when the judges gives him negative comments because deep down he's saying 'nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh, you can say all you want but everyone will still vote for me...nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh'. Then we have Nurul, who can somewhat sing, if only she drops her fake American accent. There's Jasmine, Paul and Rahimah who all need to do some growing up before they can be the singer they truly can be. Of course there's the not very young, not VERY good looking but Very talented Mathilda, Jonathan and my Hady. Because they are not very young and not very good looking like Joakim ( God Forbid! ) they don't get very many votes and thus are left gasping for air every week.

You tell me now, Singapore Idol, a joke or not? Maybe it should be renamed to Singapore Idiots?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I teach. I like teaching. Especially when in the process I am able to laugh with my kids. Those times will, more often than not, turn out to be good days. When I joined the profession, I must admit it was because I screwed up my A levels. But what is important is that I grew to love it. I loved being with the kids. I had wonderful colleagues. I had a leader who, at that time, I thought, was some kind of wonderful. All these factors made me want to get out of bed every morning and skip to work. Taking a day off even because I was sick was very uncommon back then.

Sadly that situation has changed.

Now, while I still enjoy being with the kids, while I still have some wonderful colleagues, my leads have changed and because they have their own styles, my some of my colleagues have changed too. Work is no longer a place I want to skip to, I find 1001 excuses NOT to go EVERY single morning. I still love teaching, I really do but it's just not the same anymore.

I used to think that because teaching is all about imparting knowledge to the kids, EYERONE will be kind enough to share ideas, share experiences and share love. To be a teacher, does one not have to be, at the very least interested in kids? These small adults, while rambunctious and crazy are rather quite good judge of characters. They can see through your crap quite instantaneously. I have many colleagues now, who don't even like kids. They don't even think that their kids deserve a smile from them. You tell me, Can?

I also have colleagues who join teaching to climb corporate ladder. That in itself is an oxymoron, doncha think? I know MOE is trying to corporatise schools. I see that in the workload but I don't see the leads equipped to be supportive of that kind of structure. I had thought Education is a public service, so what ladder is it that they want to climb? Rubbish!

With more corporatisation happening, more and more leads are losing heart. Not that the corporate shit is getting to them, but in trying to be keparat err..... corporate, they become ( in ahgeks's words ) cold hearted. Picture this, you have a 4 year old child, who is having her heart operated on, and when approached for leave, your lead tells you it's not fair for the class that you will be away. How? Can? Those kids in the class have their own parents..... what about your child? Should anything happen to your child on the OT, then it's ok, you have 30 more in the class.... Is it? What rubbish!!!! You have kids, where is that motherly instinct a woman should have? Have you no compassion????

Lost my faith in this profession, I have.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sourpusses, wet blankets, sour grapes or whatchamacallit are alive and working in my office.

I simply don't understand these people. YOU go aroung complaining about what others are doing to raise funds when these others don't even bother YOU with their work. YOU go around calling them KIASU when they are merely trying to go a little further with their efforts.

If YOU think they might raise more money than YOU, then do something about it lah. Stop BITCHING. Somewhat inclined to call you a bitch but that would be insulting bitches the world over.

I have mixed feelings about what kind of person YOU are. But after today, I know. YOU are just a mean, grumpy, selfish person. Luckily YOU are married, otherwise YOU will be one of those people who will end up with 40 cats or something. How unfortunate that will be for the cats.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I have this craving for warm gooey choc fudge brownies with cold vanilla ice cream laced with hot fudge. Yumm..........

Anyone wanna take me out for some?