Sunday, September 11, 2005

Doing it Wrong?!

I don't really go to the market. Not that I'm too hoity toity for a wet, smelly, hot and full of ah-soh and know-all makciks... it's just that, by the time i wake from my slumber, the market is already closed lah!! So anyway, on Wednesday, I managed to drag myself out of bed and reached the market about an hour shy of it's closing... after getting my meat and chicken and fish, i was on my way to buy shiok mee soto at the food place above the market when i met this makcik who claims to be a friend of mak's..... Then the following conversation took place......

"eh... how are you? long time never hear your story ah..... so where baby?"

Hmmm.... I thought..... where baby?

So I replied,"Not yet lah Cik..... Not time yet..."

"Not time yet? When?"

hmm.... how would i know? God is it?

So again i reiterated," Not yet lah cik... but we still trying..."

"Alamak, trying? should have baby long time already...... i think maybe you do wrongly is it?"

I was ????? Bearing in mind this took place at Yew Tee market.... i just turned and walked away.....

Tactless.... that's just the way some people are.... sigh....

This brings me back to the reason why i don't like going to the market. I simply don't want to meet makciks who tell me that i'm having sex wrongly. I simply don't want to meet mak's friends to whom quick retorts would come across as being rude instead of witty and touche.... never mind lah.... paying a few more dollars to shop at supermarts is more acceptable to me, even if mak does not render it so..... Sorry mak... ;P

Friday, September 02, 2005

Surprise..... Surprise!

Today is also my wedding aniversary. I had planned a small getaway for me and my sayangnext wekend, so i thought that we won't be doing anything today. I had planned to spend my day doing my 2 weeks worth of laundry anyway. so imagine how wonderfully surprised i was when a delivery of flowers plus an elephant came for me. the hippos have become an elepant, Is he trying to say something??.... dengan tee shirt koyak koyak aku bukak pintu.... malunya... luckily it was a lady..... now i feel a little guilty, luckily last month, i got him a nice seiko watch... so kira dah cover lah....hehe..... but he manages to surprise me most times...... i do love him...

Ayang, everyday I thank Allah for sending you into my life. I know we have had good times and bad ones..... but with the bad, we only grow stronger, in our understanding of each other, in our love for one another.... i know sometimes my actions leaves a lot to be desired and i absolutely appreciate that you try to see where i'm coming from. I love you my sayang. I am, today and for the rest of my life, yours, truly.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Celebrate good times....Come On!

I realise that my past 3 posts have been very angry and hostile..... So i have decided that today, only good things....only good things.....

Today is very special to me. 1st of september.... my wedding aniversary and the govt gives me a holiday! but the holiday is of course to commemorate teachers' day lah..... we had a celebration yesterday. was very nice coz i had expected none. there was a nice lunch... a mini celebration of birthdays... I tought the balloon made it all quite festive. Happy Birthday Fiza!! May your life be more blessed!! After that we had a mini concert where my munchkins performed.... they are so adorable. If ever I had the chance, I'd want to just teach the P1s. After the concert, a colleague came up to me and said," Wah zakiah! i think ah, if you lose weight ah, you are actually very pretty leh...". Hmmmmm......... i think the time has come........ Anyway, when i went back to my desk, we were given chocolates with baloons..... It was nice how the balloons filled the staff room... Then came the best part. My ex-pupils came back. This batch of pupils are the best ever. I think that the overseas trip that we brought them on certainly bonded them that even after 5 years of leaving Greenridge, they are still close pals. See, long term effect of having such a trip. I love these guys. i like the way they think.... i'm happy when they tell me that they still remember some of the things that i've taught or told or as Nabil says, yell at them over the years..... It's humbling that i do affect their lives somehow..... it helps me to keep going ..... Thanks guys...