Monday, October 31, 2005

Annual Bake Off

I love to do things with the oven. But seeing that I don't have an oven, i can't do much.Must remember to bug MBB for an oven. Anyway, so my annual bake off for Raya started today at Mak's place. I like this honey cornflakes kuih that I make every year. Simply because they are so easy to make. This year decided to use these colourful cupcakes holders instead of the mundane brown ones. MBB says they look like pinadas... Festive, my love...they look festive.... Anyhow, these aren't the only ones i'm making, but didn't manage to get to get snaps of them. Making kuih with mak and my sister always makes the raya feeling come alive. I think even when i have my own oven, i'd still go over to mak's place.... Well... back to baking.....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hello Again!

It has been a long time.... Loads have happened since... None too significant that it warrants an entry in this blog. Perhaps I should get my blogging juices flowing by playing the sevens....

7 things that scare me...
1) Losing my mum. Cannot imagine life without her. my pillar of strength. Seeing her smile, hearing her laughter makes my day.
2) Losing MBB. Who else would indulge my incredulous whims and fancy? Who else would get up in the middle of the night to make sure i'm tucked in underneath the covers? Whose rotund tum tum will i snuggle up against if he were not with me? *shudders*
3) Losing a friend. Suckiest thing. Ever.
4) Unemployment.'Nuff said.
5) Maggots. Especially the ones that form in my rubbish bin after i forget to take out the trash.
6) Becoming blind.
7) Not being able to have children. *sigh*

7 things I like...
1) Cooking. Therapeutic, as far as i'm concerned.
2) Food. Just look at me...
3) A good book.
4) Good books on rainy days.
5) Rainy days.
6) Travel. Especially when I actually get to do it.
7) Gooey Chocolate fudge cake.

7 important things in my room...
1) MBB
2) Broadband
3) Phone
4) my PC
5) Telly
6) My Coffee mug
7) Pictures of my family

7 Random Facts about me...
1) I'm a closet Austin Powers fan.
2) I talk in my sleep.
3) I cry at anything.
4) I have a soft spot for fragrances.
5) I'm a reality TV junkie. In fact i'm a TV junkielah.
6) I'm gullible.
7) I love lauk-lauk kampung.

7 things i can do...
1) I can spend hours and hours on the net and then realise that i haven't done anything.
2) I can cook. Especially when I want to.
3) I can keep house.
4) I can manipulate my MBB to get what I want.
5) I can spend, spend spend. But i'm trying to cut down.
6) I can talk and have meaningful conversations with children.
7) I can be really assertive and bossy when I have to.

7 things i cannot do...
1) I cannot swim.
2) I cannot follow instructions.
3) I cannot hide my anger.
4) I cannot lose weight.
5) I cannot read manuals.
6) I cannot keep my room neat and tidy for more than 3 days.
7) I cannot drive....yet.

7 things i say most...
1) Selamat petang
2) Absurd!
3) Yaaaanngg....
4) best nye, best nye, best nye
5) Are you leaving the office now?
6) please lah!
7) what!???

There. Did it.