Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pissed Off - Part Une

Someone is pissing me off more than smelly armpits can.More than nebulous film endings can. More than people who jump queues can. There is only so much crap one I take from one person at any given time . And for you I extended the limit to the capacity of at least ten people, in relation to the level of stupidity, selfishness, hipocrasy and plain common sense (or rather the lack of it) you seem to be capable of.

Surprise, surprise.You've reached that limit. I gave you the respect you supposedly deserve because you are old! At this juncture, I don't think you deserve even that. Why should i have to help you with your inadequacies? Why should i give a damn when you can't even handle the simplest of tasks. I make mistakes. Yes I do. But guess what? You are supposed to learn from them! You NEVER learn!

YOU. I have had enough.

The one who leads. Wake up! That's what you are supposed to do. When the people you lead cannot deliver, you are supposed to help them. You are supposed to explain why they cannot deliver on time. You are in a capacity to suggest to the higher ups an extension. You have the power. Use it!!! You should be the one who carry your people. Not the other way round. You are making my blood boil!!!!! What kind of a leader are you???!!! Especially when all your work you delegate. Give us the money.

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