Friday, March 31, 2006

Attitude Adjustment

Today I told a colleague this,

"... Before you can start to change or disciplne these supposedly naughty children, you must become their friend first. You must get their respect. To do that, you gotta respect them first. When they respect and like you, they will do ANYTHING for you..."

Good advice I feel. A personal mantra. After talking to this colleague, I felt damned old. As it turns out, this colleague knew who my brother is. That invariably made me feel even older.

Maybe it's about time I accepted the fact that I am, well, old. I guess this past week, I have not only been hormonal but also rather reflective. I realise that calling another stupid, does not make me any smarter. Calling another an ass does not make me any wiser. Being mean to another does not get me anywhere.

I have decided that I will have an attitude adjustment, without comprimising ME. I have decided that I will be diplomatic and like everybody. All except one. This one does not deserve my sympathy.

Anyway, moving on, I had another lesson this afternoon. Before that, I managed to clear quite a bit of my marking. Now, I'm watching LOST.....

Tomorrow shall be another LOOOONG day.

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tiahuliz said...

diplomatic is my policy too. LOST!!! I am lost with LOST