Sunday, March 05, 2006

Of Shades And Burgers

I got me 2 new pair of sunnies today. MBB and I were up and about in town today. A rarity in itself. I had wanted to get them new shades for the longest time. And I wanted those oversized Erra Fazira kind. So after watching Nanny Mcphee, which incidentally is a wonderful show ( we loved it!! Emma Thompson and Collin Firth, were brilliant as usual....sigh..... ), we trawled through the shops at Suntec for my sunnies. The were many on sale but few that struck my fancy. Those that did would have paid for my cable tv for the next 2 months! I just don't get why their prices are so exorbitant. There was a Gucci one that I liked which cost $274 after a 50% discount! What a turn off that was....

So the trawling continued and we ended up across the street at the newly renovated Marina shopping centre. Just on an off tangent, I just don't get some members of my community. I went pass Carl's Junior, which is a new fast food outlet at Marina which sells, hey guess what? BURGERS & FRIES which is, incidentally also sold at Mac's, KFC, Long John Silvers.... What did I see in this new joint? A Malay family - mum, dad, 2 beautiful young girls apparently enjoying a great big Carl's burger. Not Halal right? What kind of values are you teaching your kids? So many Halal burgers, yang Haram jugak yang korang cari..... haiz....... If you choose to langgar the Haram & the Halal, I guess that's your perogative lah, your kubur, you answer. But your kids?

So anyway, back to my sunnies..... We walked through Marina, there were a lot of shops. There was a whole that had shops that were meant for people 2 age groups before me.... made us realise that we were on the wrong floor..Heh... I was about ready to give up and go home when MBB pointed out to me an Evita Peroni shop. Into the shop we went and I was most excited to find 2 that I particularly liked! Not able to decide which one I wanted, I got both lah... At the cashier's, I found out 1 had a 30% discount. Yaaay!

I very the pleased now... : ) So how do I look? Can or not?


gingerena said...

WOW! you look so PARIS HILTON :P
cannot..i cannot lose to you...i shall be nicky hilton!

ishapoppy said...

Wow! So Hollywood! Must get new one for myself. Anyway i also don't understand why our people do it. Gelojoh or wat, tak pernah nampak burger ke?