Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hormonal, I am or Are They?

My P6 kids just had a singing competition. I think my boys did pretty well. I will give them a treat. While they are my 'angels' in class, they are the ones who step up each and every time. Thank you boys! I am very very proud of you!

With regards to this particular competition, I have a few unhappiness I have to air.

1. While I understand that you are frustrated that the mics were malfunctioning, the necessary cds were unclear and not working, it was not professional of you to shout at me to ask me to introduce the group that was performing next. The cd was not ready and the mic not working. How was I to do the intro? Shout? Sorry. I will not.

2. While it is frustrating that the cds were not working properly, you should not have shouted at the teacher, asking why she bought such an inferior cd. Firstly, it was not the teacher's. Secondly, when the cd was used yesterday, it was fine. I can attest to that.

3. The mics were not functioning. Any sane human being, faced with that, will try to find a solution right? I reckon this will be especially so if you are the so-called AVA teacher in charge. But today, di depan mataku, I saw, a so-called AVA teacher in charge just stand there, probably waiting for a miracle to happen. I mean, what lah?

4. I am a little upset that the Em3 kids were not able to watch their friends perform. I know that they are probably a little disappointed. Sorry kids, I can't say next time, this being your last year and all. Sigh...

In any event, there are bound to be cock ups. But it is very unprofessional and terribly rude to be shouting at another colleague in front of everyone. Should avoid doing that... especially if you want to be a leader and be in this service for the long haul.

Just another thing, yours truly, was uber cool today. I did not flare up. I did not raise my voice. I did not bang table. I really dunno...... Is it the hormones? I'm sure MBB would want my gynae to refill my prescription. Heh.


tiahuliz said...

Kudos to u!!!!! clap clap clap!
But my P4 religios grp 1st ok! Nenny Nenny Pooh Pooh!

gingerena said...

I guess i was one of the guilty party who was shouting at you to carry on. also apologies for asking your solo girl to walk over and not perform.

And the EM3 are not allowed to watch because that's not their Mother tongue period and we shld have the sense not to include them as it disrupts their other lessons which is not fair to the subject teachers. There will be a next surely..we can have something for them post exams and they'll have their fun :)

Zak said...

Sweets.... you know who i'm talking about. I guess i'm a little biased when one is new to me and the school and yet acts like he's so high and mighty. I always feel that if you are new to the environment, you should always be humble.

Sunshine said...

Eh, I don't know who shout shout one! Tell me lah!