Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It Just Died

2nd lesson today. Not too shabby, though I made my DA loose his cool a little. Heh But after a while it was alright. MBB was on leave today, so he saw me off. He was so proud of me he said that he lumped in is throat. So sweet the man right?

Anyhow, before I went for lessons, while in our study, MBB's phone died. Just like that. Even after the both of us tinkered with it, we could not figure out what was wrong. MBB started to get a little upset because that was his cari makan phone ( read: working phone ) It is on that phone that the US office would call him. Small wonder why MBB was upset. So we deciced to go get an interim phone while waiting for the Nokia 6125 to be released.

I must say that I was secretly quite happy that the phone died. No more calls from the office.YaaY!!

After a lot of considerations, we decided to get this.

The Motorola V3. Was hoping the black one was out of stock so that we could get the pink one, so I can use the pink phone when he got his 6125. But that was not to be. Sigh... the black one it is then. But see my picture on the phone? Heh.

Since I could not get the pink phone, I went to look at books. After browsing for a bit, MBB got a Dilbert book ( he just loves them ) and I saw a book that so caught my eye. It's called "I am a Cat" by Soseki Natsume.

"... a nonchalant string of anecdotes and wisecracks, told by a fellow ( a kitten! ) who doesn't have a name, and has never caught a mouse, and isn't much good for anything except watching human beings in action..." - The New Yorker

I immediately thought of my cat. Heh. I got the book but have not started on it yet. I have an assignment to finish. Due on Thursday. Aaaargghh!!!

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