Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Day At The Library

Yours truly spent about 5 hours in the library from 11 to 4 today. Why? I was doing research for a paper due tomorrow. I went to the library fresh and after gathering a few reference books, I found myself a seat at a desk and I dove right into anorexic nervosa and bullimia.

After 3 hours of definitions and signs and symptomps, my marginal returns was on a down curve. I was getting a major migraine. My focus was waning.... my eyes got drowsy..... I put my head down for about 15 mins and actually fell asleep. All the memories from school came flooding back. Heh. I remember now why I stopped becoming a student.

Anyhow, after the nap, I managed to wake myself up and finished up my research. Now I'm home, downloading articles from the internet and feeling sleepy again. After Maghrib, I shall start typing my essay. Till then, I shall go catch some zzzs.......


tiahuliz said...

Ha...eksen lagi lah..tak nak ajak owang amek cos.kan kan dah terendak sensorang. hahahahahahah!
HAhahahahahah! Ketawa sakan cek eh...aahahahaha. Tak pa tak pa...Susah susah dahalu...Lagi susah kemudian...ahahahaha
OK nak gi jumpa mak cek. Bubye!
(Aku Yang Tidak Dilayani orang-orang Kementerian Pelajaran BAHALOL)

Zak said...

diam ah.... org kementerian ni memang kongajar!!!