Friday, March 03, 2006

Just You and Me Baby

Ok ok... I'm on a journey of self pity. Who else is supposed to pity me if not myself? MBB sent me this sms a few hours ago.

Will be late... Pls have dinner and not wait for me...

Sigh.... After my little tyranny yesterday, I had expected that he'll be back earlier today. Alas... this is apparently not going to be the case.

Well, Baby ( that's my cat ) it's just gonna be you and me tonight. It's like she already knows that MBB will not be comng back anytime soon. MBB does not allow her to stay in the room when he's home. Allergies. When I came home, she rushed into the room and plonked herself in that small corner next to my shelving unit and just slightly behind my laptop. That's her corner. When it's just us, when there's guests, when there are things that she asesses to be threatening to her well being, that's where she'll be. Most days, she'll just be there keeping me company.

My worksheets have found their way out of my bag. So now, armed with my Pilot red pen, I am ready to mark the night away. Baby, you ready?


tiahuliz said...

Jangan menggunakan pilot pen. Nanti kalau nangis susah. Sebab nanti basah, kertas corengan. Steady ah....cakap indon plak aku ni!

Zak said...

Tia, Pilot ni bukan yang mahal yang macam sadako punya. I punya yang murah. Ball Point. You kan tengah training nak jadi matair Ariel.