Friday, March 17, 2006

Mission Accomplished

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning to complete my halfway done assignment on eating disorders. After unsuccessfully convincing MBB to take the day off, I sat at my desk with my mood all foul. Decided that I needed sustenance, I scoured my pantry for coffee. I found a solitary satchet of Indocafe kopi. Made that and dunked Hup Seng biscuits into it.... super shiok, especially the soddy mess that settles in your kopi after dunking many biscuits in it. Heh.

Time : 9.52 am

I, full of gusto and Hup Seng biscuits, picked up where I left last night. As I got into my essay, my darling meow, settled into her corner, stretched and slept.... I thought she just woke up.

12.45 noon
I'm 95% done. Just have to do a run through and see if I want to add anything to it and of course type my references. Felt a little bit hungry. So I shared this with my darling meow.

3.17 pm

My assignment is done!! Yeaaayyy!!! And what do you know, my darling meow also has awaken.

So I'm off to have a shower and then to NIE to send it in. What shall I do after that? Whatever it is... I'm glad the assignment's done.


Steirntaler said...

Iz Ben & Jerry nice? what flavour?

tiahuliz said...

Yes taler..Nice...I am addicted..Tried once, u can say goodbye to all other brands..IDIOS!