Thursday, December 22, 2005

Let's go to the ZOO!!

Today MBB and I went to the zoo! We had wanted to bring our nieces along. So had to bring their parents as well.... but my BIL got the pox! HA! HA! HA! I should not be laughing lah.... So we went ourselves. That was the first time MBB went after 20 years. How deprived! So he was quite excited but of course he tried to hide it.... but could not contain himself after arriving there and saw the Ben&Jerry's.
So after he got his fix of a gorgeous milkshake, we went on our way. We got on the tram and went around the zoo. We saw the animal show. The zoo had changed it and I didn't really enjoy what they had. But the animals were cute. We saw an animal feeding session where visitors were allowed to feed a manatee. I wanted to do that!! but this ang moh lady was taking forever lah!

Then we went around to see the other animals. After that we stopped for lunch. We had lunch at the Forest Lodge. It was a Christmas buffet spread so we had a whale of a time pretending to be having a christmas lunch...heh. But just had to go back to my roots. These were what we had. Yummy!!

Then we went on our rounds... they have this new thing called The Fragile Forest where the animals are so close to you. I loved it. I was a little freaked out hoping that no insect will stick to me. It was so much fun!!

Then we went on our way.... These 2 are my fav picture of the whole trip....

Isn't it just so cute the way they are lined up? The song " I like big butts and I cannot lie..." comes to mind.Heh.

I absolutely love this picture. I took it by myself by the way. But MBB's eyes a bit busy though...

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tiahuliz said...

Pantat satu satu jack siak...ahahahahaha