Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Today feels funny.To begin with,I was up at 5.15 am. Made my bed too. Had my shower and was ready and off to school by 6.25am. Dropped MBB@ the train station. Reached school while it was still dark.

Right now, I'm @ my workstation having my morning fix. So far so good. I am a bit anxious to get my day going but unfortunately,time table's suspended today. Will go for relief soon.


>>> Fast forward: 7.27pm

My day has ended. It felt a little weird leaving school before 6.25pm. The day went on quite uneventful. Had a few hiccups but I managed to smooth things over. Sometimes I wonder why is it that I have to do the fire fighting. Who am I? I should learn to function at my capacity but that would not be me. Had the following conversation with a colleague today.

" Why are you doing all this? You what? Not even a co-ordinator you know! You do also nobody know.... Don't waste your energy lah.... 1.30 already still don't want to go home?? Don't need to do all these lah.... Later your Subject Head leaves, you won't be asked to take over her lah..... Don't even dream it!!!!"

Ok. So it was more of a monologue with yours truly smiling like a baffoon. I mean, what a dampner. I'll have you know, dear colleague, that I don't do things to get a post or to rub shoulders with people downstairs.... I do it simply to ensure that things in my department are smooth and organised. Which most of the time lands me into predicaments where I do most things and nobody knows about it. But it does not matter to me lah... really.

I don't know. People will always be entitled to their own opinions. But not so good to hear such things so early in the year lah.

Well, this year as with previous years, I have a new resolution. Apart from the usual, I WILL LOSE WEIGHT thing, in 2006, I resolve to speak less, listen more and laugh at people..... heh... Tya says it' s not good to laugh as that will cause weight gain.... hmmm....

I have been feeling nauseous the whole day.... hmmm.....

Right now, waiting for MBB to come home with dinner. Feel like something soupy. Let's just see what he gets for me....

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