Thursday, December 22, 2005

What Flavour Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Are You?

You Are Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies Ice Cream
Not *those* magic brownies!
Hmmm.... I've never tasted this flavour and don't think they have it at the scoop shop..... but hey, Magic Brownies..... Bring it on!!!


Nadya said...

I Love the brand so much! The 1st stop at any petrol kiosk will be at the Ben & Jerry shelf.Standing and drooling like small kids.What to do?Sumone will stare at me with eyes that says "Get into the car!Want to lose weight but dun want to give up those things!" kekekeke But he doesnt know what i will do behind his back....hehehe

tiahuliz said...

Makcik are you..SONYAP jer!!!

tiahuliz said...

As the New Year is about to Blossom,
I wish you GREAT TIMES ahead, and May you achieve all that you wish for.
Happy New Year.