Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Prosperity GEMS

I ordered Pizza Hut's Prosperity Pizza for dinner today. When I called, the lady who took my order said that the order will take about 1 hour to reach me. Sure, no problems, or so I thought. When my order came, there was nothing prosperous about the pizza what so ever! The tomato dips that was supposed to accompany my breadstix weren't even there. The slices of pizza which were touted to be 'covered with succulent barbequed chicken meat and generously sprinkled with chicken floss' were not covered with any meat and the floss was only enough to clean my teeth. It was pathetic.

So I called the call centre to let them know what kind of pizza was delivered to me after an hour of waiting. Firstly, there was no apology. Not that I was not even angry. In fact I was very nice to them. I told them that I was not looking to get another pizza. I just wanted to let them know that this was the kind of pizza they were dishing out and that it should not be this way.

So they promised me that the supervisor of the Lot 1 outlet, that made the pizza would call me to apologise. That call NEVER came. So they promised to deliver the tomato dip that they missed. That dip NEVER came.

and they are encouraging us consumers to say thank you and please and appreciate good service! WHAT SERVICE??!! I was so indignant when I saw the ad for our latest campaign GEMS - Go The Extra Mile for Service.... Why are they targeting the consumers when the clearly the problem lies with the service providers??

To me, being in the service industry, you actually have to like serving people. You actually have to enjoy being around people. You actually have to be proud of what you are doing. Unfortunately, in Singapore. for every 1 wonderful sale person, you get 10 lousy everything-is-there-you-are-not-ang-moh-why-should-I-serve-you kind of sales person.

How many times have you and I been ignored by sales people? How many times have we been irritated by incompetent waiters? How many times have we encountered want-to-kena-whack cabbies? How many times have we saidthank you at the check out and responded to with grunts?

So again, why is the campaign targeted at the consumers?

What about you? Any horror stories to share?

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tiahuliz said...

YES! My horror story is "Enjoyable........"