Monday, February 27, 2006

To The Hospital I Go... Again!

I went visiting at the hospital...... again. This time not for Mak, but for my baby brother. Well, not so baby lah... dah besar panjang pun. Heh.

That's him, with his freshly operated on knee and his newly engaged fiancee. She happens to be a nurse working at SGH. Then, in the background, you can see yours truly very artistically working her way into the picture. Hehe...

Anyway, went to pick him up today. I thought the black thing on his right leg looks quite cool. Hopefully, that thing and the crutches he has now somewhat permanently stuck under his armpits would make him stay home more. He's 29, but sometimes, he behaves like a little boy who's all of 8! I guess that's the "occupational hazard" of being the only son, and now the only man in the family. I love him I really do, but sometimes, I do feel like wringing his neck!

Well, baby brother, do stay home and behave yourself and try to not give Mak too much of a headache.....

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