Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thank You ( I )

I had a very,very happy childhood. I have very, very fond memories of it too. One of those memories is about my birthday celebrations. Or the lack of it. It was when I was 7 I think. I remember, or maybe because I have photos of it, that day somewhat vividly. I was in a red, very curtain -like dress. There were lots of food. There was a huge cake. There were also lots of people I hardly knew. Then there were the presents... that was the best part.

After that, I don't remember having anymore such celebrations. All through primary school, nothing. When I was in secondary school, birthdays were just excuses to throw flour and eggs as part of a lame effort to sabo the person celebrating the birthdays. After that birthdays were just excuses to get presents from anyone you can wrangle a present out of.

When I met MBB, we agreed that birthdays were going to special days we celebrate with ourselves. That's another story by the way.

So yesterday, when we went over to JL's place to check out his crib, I was pleasantly surprised when JB popped over with his 3 heroes, with a cake in hand! So we had a cake with a candle which yours truly kept blowing out, much to the chagrin of RY. It was good fun. RY and SS will celebrate their birthdays on the 11th and I will celebrate mine on the 12th. So courtesy of the whole gang, we got to celebrate it together. It was good cake, great company and wonderful conversations. Good times.I think, that was the closest I ever got to a birthday party. Heh.

Thanx guys, for making my 32nd birthday a really really happy one.


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Fiza said...

Happy Belated B'day to U!!! Apasal tak de gambar i eh ... i look too fat is it? kak jo's house very nice leh ... make me want to buy new house again!

Anonymous said...

halooo fiza, the pictures are in the multiply lah babe