Saturday, January 28, 2006


Yesterday, I raised my voice at Lupy. A first. Yesterday, I made Lupy cry. Also another first. Yesterday, I told Lupy some things that makes me very angry. Yet another first.

Then I felt lousy for making her cry. So I apologised. " Lupy... Sorry I shouted at you..." But I DO NOT apologise for what I said. Although in retrospect, the issue that made me lose my cool has definitly been sidelined as now, all that is remembered is that Zak shouted at Lupy. That sucks!

I'm not one to shout at those older than I. I give them the respect simply because they are old but when their stupidity causes me grief, I just have to say something. And I have to say it LOUD. That's how I cope.

Lupy, I made you cry. Sure I did. But the apology was instantaneous. What about all the times YOU made me cry? What about all the times you hurt my feelings with your callousness and your stupidity? What about all the times that I was livid because you, Lupy are so ignorant?

You said that I am difficult to work with. Really? So for the past 10 years, who was it that did your work? I know you were estatic when a holy, young man came into our department. I know that you had hoped he would be the one to lead us. But even after it was shown over and over again that he can't, you still had high hopes and aspirations for him. That, Lupy, made me very, very sad. In fact, it made me cry. All the things I have done for you, you tak pandang sebelah mata pun.

Never mind lah. What goes around comes around.


Right this very moment, MBB is at MIL's place. SANS ME. What do you know? Another First! When we got married, we had this discussion where an agreement was reached. We will always visit MIL together.Why we decided this completely escapes me now. But today he's there and I'm not. I know he was secretly hoping that I'd joined him there but I wanted to sleep in late today and after yesterday's Lupy debacle, I was really not too keen about hanging around old people.


On a happier note, this evening i will be going for a reunion dinner. I can't wait! Gastranomical delights, great company, interseting conversations, being with MBB.... Bliss.

To all my friends, have a long, restful weekend. To all my new year celebrating friends, GONG XI, GONG XI.

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gingerena said...

Dear Zakie,
From what i know and heard about you, no matter how mad you are, you have NEVER raised your voice with Lupy for the past 8 or so years. I can understand why you are upset and angry, but I also hope that you keep the good records that you've achieved. You're right, she can be very stupid, but she is an elder. Let's accord her the right respect and vent your frustrations else where, like meeting me for a good kopi or good food. :)