Monday, February 13, 2006

Thank You ( II )

32, I am. Today.

Was asked how I felt about that. Obviously I feel a little bit old. But that's it lah..Heheh... I don't feel much different than I did last year. I feel happy and very loved though... Heh.

It all started on the 10th when MBB and I had a major arguement. Both also very the stubborn, both also refuse to give in so I had to wait like fruit no fall lah for him to say sorry. I got home late that night so the cold war went on. The next morning I went to do my hair with Gingerena. After that, we were supposed to meet up for dinner. 5pm, Borders. So I relented and showed up. When I got there, he was nowhere to be found! Of course yours truly, the blood started to boil. Then my phone rang. He said to come over to Royal Plaza. He wanted to have dinner at Cafe Vienna.

Hmmm.... a peace offering?

So I went over. He said he needed the bathroom. But instead of going to the restrooms, he took me upstairs! He had checked us into a room!

That's us in our room. At that point, all my anger and boiling blood all just melted away. We made up and out. *wink*. We then had a nice dinner and shopped. How easy it is to buy my over.Sigh.... Anyhow,I was in town, shopping, on a Saturday night. It was a long long time since we last did that. I did feel a little old and out of place. Every other person there was younger and hippier than I was. BUT, I was happy. I had many packages hanging on my arm...heheh.... at about 11 we returned to our room for......

I had thought that last night would have been the end of my celebrations. The next morning, I received this...

I was happily surprised. Again. I felt so loved at that point. Then I thought, how am I going to outdo if not match this birthday surprise. But MBB has made this year's birthday a wonderful one.

Thank You Ayang for making my special day a wonderful day for me. I truly enjoyed myself. We do need a break don't we? Anyhow, I do love you and once again, Thank You!!

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