Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Domestic Goddess II

I coughed last night away. Between body shattering coughs and shoving a finger down my throat to get the phlem out, I barely slept a wink. Today, I thought I'd go see the doc and get some medictaion for this irritating cough that refuses to go away. Mak calls it the batuk anjing. Any reference to the year I wonder.Heh.

But I got distracted with a sudden craving for lemak daun ubi. So I cancelled the trip to the doc's and raided the fridge. Well whaddyaknow... I have all the ingredients, except for the ikan bilis. Then I remembered buying the daun ubi a few days ago at Giant. The vegetable was in a bin labelled Malay Vegetables. How cute.

So I had to get ikan bilis. We went to Tampines. No, not to get ikan bilis but MBB had wanted to get his laptop from the office. So, armed with a packet of kiddies' composition, MBB went to the office while I waited for him at the Starbucks there. It was raining and cold out while I was warm indoors with a hot cuppa in my hand. This was life, I thought, minus the compo.. heh.

When he was ready, we went to Sengkang for lunch and then bought ikan bilis. When we got home, I threw off my jeans and top and threw on my domestic robes. Heh. The Domestic Goddess was in the house! So I did all that I remember Mak teaching me ( yelling at me would be more apt ) and served these to MBB.

From top, clockwise direction: My Lemak Daun Ubi, Oyster Sauce Chicken, Outside Crispy Eggy but Soft and Yummy Inside begedil and the shiokest complement to LDU, Salted Egg. Yes lah, I made the begedil myself. Goddess or what right? The chicken looks a bit chao tar but that because the oyster sauce has caramelised.... heh. MBB likes the chicken a little bit well done and my sole purpose is to serve him.... hmm? heh. But MBB did enjoy his dinner. Not very often this Domestic Goddess exposes her talents you know.

How I guessed he enjoyed his dinner? See lah....

See how smiley MBB was as he drowned his rice with the kuah from the LDU?

And look at his begedil. I made an extra large one just for him.

Yummm....... Super Shiok..... Lemme kiss the cook!!

I was very pleased with myself. Obviously. Heh. I made a resolution after dinner. I can and will cook from now on. Everyday. Everyday? No lah.... Goals must be achievable right? We'll start with the weekends.

So what gastronomical delights shall this Domestic Goddes whip up next week? But this domestic goddess got rebonding appointment on Saturday... Is this a sign of a failing resolution? Will the Domestic Goddess never show herself again? Stay tuned, next week for the Misadventures of the Domestic Goddess.....

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