Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Am Sick Too

Right now I'm resting at home, being on sick leave and all. MBB is on sick leave too, after blaming yours truly for infecting him with the flu bug. I'm in the study, MBB's in the bedroom. The bedroom that I have just finished straightening out and vaccummed by the way.

We're both sulking. Both not wanting to give in and say sorry. Both cleaning out our boxing gloves preparing to step into that ringed square. Both ready to rumble! Bring it on! Both behaving like children. But don't care lah!

I'm angry at you. I'm sick too am I not? You tell me I need to tell you so that you know exactly what you need to do. So after I tell you, why still never do? I'm not going to air my dirty laundry here. But whatever happened to shared responsibility? Whatever happened to doing it together? I know I seem to be able to cope on my own, but if you help me do, I can finish the task faster and we can rest together sooner. I AM SICK TOO!

And stop blaming me for everything the cat does. Neither she nor I can help where she pukes, I can't expect her to run to the bathroom when she wants to regurgitate her food and hairballs. She's NOT HUMAN! Even some human vomit everywhere but in the bathroom. Neither she nor I can decide where she wants to lie. Unless you cage her up. When you do, I'll report you for animal abuse. So stop blaming me. You might say you are not, but please lah, I hear it in your voice!

I am sick too. Be nice and stop biting my head off.

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tiahuliz said...

Ni apa ni gaduh-gaduh merajuk. Jangan gitu. Nak gaduh buang buang barang sekali. Itu lebih afdal! Hah! Tak percaya? Try ah!