Friday, July 07, 2006

Pictures! Pictures!

This post will be full of pictures. I am finally able to upload my pictures. Let's have a visual feast shall we?

Let's go to the Zoo!!

The girls were so excited when we picked them up in the morning.

Then we visited the Hamadryas Baboons.... we were all for a great shock. The baboons were IN HEAT! They had some parts of their genitalia sticking out of their butts. Apparently, that was how they got when they were in heat. Yikes! I decided that posting a picture here would simply be distasteful. But in case anyone was wondering, for the females,their butts looked like they had a serious case of piles. Everything was literally sticking out.Even for the males. Heh. Their pee pees were erect the whole time we were there. Instead of Viagra, they can consider Essence of Hamadryas?

Still at the baboon place. The kakak was quite err... disturbed by the scene behind her....

My Sayang and his nieces under the Great Bronze Tiger?

A picnic

That's my BIL's wife. We ordered breakfast from the nearby McD. I bought the table mat from the 7-11. It really brightened the stone picnic table. That day, the weather was sunny, the wind was blowing. It was great.

The old newly weds.....ha hah ah ahhh..... I'm in love with my shades.... Cool right?

My extended family : )

After these two munchkins were done in the sea, they had their shower and it began to drizzle. Their mum made them wera their robes and I just had to snap this pic. Are they cute or what.......???

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Sunshine said...

Eh ... I look very fat like a COW compared to Liza. Don't want to take picture with her anymore!!