Monday, July 24, 2006

Confound it!

*cough cough* sniff sniff* wheez wheez* I'm six feet under the weather. Flu, fever, cough, asthma, the works. A viral festival in my body.Never felt as bad as this before. To make things worse, I have green pills, big pills, small pills and repulsive tasting cough elixir to down. Eeughh! And to make things even more worse, MBB caught my bug, and now HE's sick. So now with nary an ounce energy or strength the both of us are in bed, surrounded with tissues and phlegm. What a way to go to spend the weekend...... *cough cough*


tiahuliz said...

I know who is the culprit!!!

Zak said...

We are so susceptible to these germs around us. But last weekend punya sakit really bad... macam nak mati sey..... dah tu si virus tu dah baik, asyik nak mencekik je!