Monday, July 03, 2006

Don't Judge... Share

Guess what? First week of school is over and tomorrow is a holiday. Thanks to the youths of Singapore. Everything's going well thus far. Just that I can feel the work beginning to come in, which, unfortunately is a necessary evil. All to prepare the not-so-small-munchkins for their PSLE. They, however, don't seem to feel it as much as I. sigh...

Everyone's shifted into full gear at work. After that short Batam retreat, I noticed that people at work seem more tolerant of one another. I like that. I do applaud my boss's effort to gel us. In fact the last person I had expected to be nice to me has began to show signs of warming up to me. That is a good thing as I will have to eventually work rather closely with him. I have also made a resolution to be less judgmental or not at all. During this retreat, I was grouped with people whom I had no liking for, but after getting to know them better, I realised I had misjudged them. So I have decided that I will give myself a chance to get to know them before judging them. Heh.

Everyone except 1.

This person, I simply cannot give the benefit of the doubt. I have tried, but I cannot. This person made a mistake, was caught by none other than the powers that be and yet, nothing punitive has been done. In fact, this person has gone on a long break. Upon return was given negligible work, of which the rest of us were to have zero expectations. This person was also exempt from teaching because the kids supposedly stressed her out. So this person could do things during teaching hours while the rest of us struggle to juggle things in order to find the time to do the same. In a real situation, I would have felt sorry for this person. Teaching definitely has it's fair share of stresses and if you are unable to handle it and succumbs to it, go on, lean on my shoulder. BUT when one fakes it and then rubs it in our faces, and that EVERYONE even the authority on mental breakdowns realises how unreal this situation is, it becomes a big joke. Seriously, I'm not joking. Heh.

Now, this person is back to teaching. My question is, what has changed? If the kids were the cause of this person losing marbles, they are still there. If we are the ones who causes politicking in the department which gives this person a headache, we are still here. If an ineffective boss is the one that makes this person depressed, she's still ineffective.

How is it that this person's antics are entertained? How is it that this person gets away scott free? I too have made my fair share of mistakes and let me tell you, I was never spared. So how is it that this person gets to be exempted from teaching and everything ladida after being caught, red handed, by the powers that be no less? Welcome to the real world you say? Yeah. I agree. But I am a strong believer in what goes around comes around.

To this person, what you have done hurts others. Makes others feel lousy about themselves. Makes others feel that their hard work is a joke. Makes them doubt the authority. What you done hurts the kids under your charge. You have hurt their learning potential. You have shortchanged them.

But most of all, you have hurt yourself. For that I feel sorry for you.

YOU. What goes around comes around.


tiahuliz said...

What round round? I disagree! Untuk manusia terkutuk macam tu!Akhirat jawab. Dunia terima.

Sunshine said...

We Know who u toking about. I agree want to die don't want to die one right!!