Friday, July 07, 2006

Batam? We Like!

By now, you already know that I had gone to Batam over the hols for a staff retreat. The following is a visual buffet of the great time we had there....

This was the gang on the ferry there. No, Kak Jan didn't sit with us. She went to kepo kepo everywhere else. As Usual. Saadiah also not there. If she were, she'd puked her guts out. So choppy it was , the sea. Lots of turbulence on the way there. Heh.

Ah Moy posing with glam shades. I like. The shades more than the Ah moy.Hahahahh. A mummy with babe in hand trying to pretend she was unaware of yours truly snapping a picture. Tsk.

The ferry terminal of choice but the name, I forget. But I like the architecture.

Holiday -Inn Batam. Waaaaaaaaay beyond my expectation. I also like. The buildings behind us are the rooms. Nice. Of course nicer are the 3 ladies at the balcony waiting for their Romeos.

2 gersang ladies posing with a tree?! I must say soooo cantik...... the tree.

Ahhhh...... these 2? No need to say. Gorgeous. Especially the larger than life one.Heh. Never realised how errr..... petite Jannah is. This is the center staircase@ the lobby. Not too shabby eh?

I do have pictures of the pool, rooms and some food we ordered while we were there. See that here ok?

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Sunshine said...

Waaahhhhh ... I must really try to lose some weight. But I'm not ready to give up the yummy food. How??