Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Be Positive

You just do not know much I want it to be just that.

The past 2 months have been jerking me around emotionally. I have not had my menses for these past 2 months. You'd think I'd be over the moon right? Armed with the highest of hopes and a long list of pregnant-esque symptoms, I went to see my gynae. I could almost hear it in my head,

Congrats! You're gonna be a mommy!!

But after I had a HCG test done, it came back negative. NEGATIVE. NADA. NOTHING. And just like that I was jerked back to reality. For the uninitited, a HCG test is a pregnancy test lah. So I sat quietly infront of my gynae, a major lump growing in my throat, fighting back tears that threatened to spray out of my eyes. My heart was broken.

I had hoped that after my last d&c, and when my menses seemed to have gotten it's groove back on track, I thought this time, I might have a chance. After 2 months of no show, I thought I do have a chance but sadly the test was not positive. My gynae then said that the test might not be accurate so she wants me to give it another month after which another test is to be administered and if it is still negative, she'll give me medication to make the menses come so that I can try to conceive all over again.

So now I'm back in my limbo again. Pregnant or not? God only knows. It's not easy being in limbo. Now I know how those spirits in The Ghost Whisperer feel. Heh.


Sunshine said...

Hey, Zak ... what can I say? It's disappointing yeah ... well, have faith girl .. some day it WILL happen.

tiahuliz said...

if it is positive next month! PLS PLS PLS, u cannot get sick.
If not, PLS PLS take few months to strenghten ur womd. Go sengkak, eat ubat periuk 1 month. Eat pati ikan haruan or chicken.
Ini betul bukan tipu.