Monday, July 17, 2006

Love Actually

'This crazy little thing called love...' so echoes the legendary Freddie Mercury. I do think love is, actually, crazy. Was watching Mummy Returns on 5 just now and watched with a tear in my eye how Imothep gave up when his dead-then-resurrected-now-dead-again amore, Ank Su Nmun refused to help him. He cried and literally just gave up his grip on life by plunging himself into the depths of hell. He cried and so did I.

Aiyah, I cry at everything lah. I the very emotional one. Crying is an outlet for me. Sad, I cry. Angry, I cry. Happy, also I cry. But I digress.

My point is, everyone, from helpless babies to mushy teenagers to strong silent men has fallen in love at some point in time in their lives. So how do you show that you love someone? Eevy showed her love for Rick by battling with falling bits of a pyramid to save him into falling into the pits of hell. For the uninitiated, that was also from Mummy Returns. Will I do that? Errr.... why would MBB be in a pyramid to begin with?

There are many ways one can show love. Some people buy stuff. Buying love you say? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps... You won't admit love you love me, but if you buy me stuff, are you saying just that?

When one sees a Keropi paraphernalia that a close friend likes or when a husband comes across a funky watch that his wife might like, or if he sees a bag that he knows she will just love, and goes on to get it for her, I think it's sweet. Does that show that he loves her? Well, at the very least he's thinking about her. And in my book, that's love.

MBB, this does not mean that you should now, at this very moment go and get me that ice cream in the fridge that I'm dying for. Heh.

Some people, profess their love verbally. They SAY it. Sometimes out loud. Used to go out with a guy who is like that. In the beginning I was rather taken by his sweet words but as the relationship got on the sweetness became diabetic. Too much. Made me doubt if he ever even meant it. Creep.

Some, they JUST DO IT. These people, probably get paid by NIKE. Heh, I am kidding. Seriously. I remember when my dad was still alive, my mum would do everything for him. Growing up I thought, eeee when I get married, I never want to take off my husband's socks for him.

The more I watched my mum, I slowly began to realise that my dad never really said thanx. You see, he's the strong silent, full of machismo, saying thanx to a woman would, God forbid, reduce his manliness type. But it also made me realise that he said thanx by buying her fav mee goreng sometimes, getting her a piece of jewellery when he had extra money, bringing her out on the weekends on his trusted scooter, spending time fixing her sewing machine, doing small odd jobs around the house and things like that.

So I realised that my mum and dad both understand each others' way of showing their love.This understanding made the relationship work.

I envy people who have that kind of an understanding. Not easy yes?

I guess I have yet to come to that understanding. To me, MBB not calling = MBB not thinking of me = MBB doesn't love me. How juvenile, yes? But that is how I would like MBB to show his love. I want him to talk to me all the time. Not that he doesn't. I know he would if he had the time.

Me, I enjoy buying stuff for MBB. When I see a shirt that I know he'll wear, I'll get it. If I come across some chocolate and cookies that I know he'll love, I'll buy a batch. That's how I show love. The best part about that? When MBB is so pleased with what I get him that he gives me a great big hug. I love the bear hugs I get frim him. Perfection will be if he could hold me all day............sigh..............

So, how do you show your love?

By the way, I do take MBB's socks off for him. Sometimes.

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