Sunday, July 24, 2005

We are 10!

My school recently had a big bash of a celebration. It was a great success. Kudos to the people heading the organization of the celebration! I had my teeniest part to play in this bash as well... I was tasked to put up some fun facts about the school. So in my quest to do that, I chanced upon old photographs of the 'pioneer' group of teachers.... I was part of that group.... I was smaller then...sigh... but I digress....

Anyway, what I had meant to say was that the school has certainly changed! The staff went from about 25 to more than a 100 strong! It really takes some effort to make sure you know EVERYONE! Sad to say that I don't know some of the teachers in the staff room now... Back then, when everyone knew everyone, the working environment was warm and going to work was such fun.... Well.... Things change right?

Having such a big staff means that there are many characters that come to work everyday. With the big bash, I saw the 'real side' of some of these colleagues of mine... There are those who work relentlessly to ensure the success of the celebration. There are those who work silently and independantly. There are also those who grumble and grumble and grumble but nevertheless gets the job done. But there are also those, who don't really do very much, but strut around being very cocky like the whole celebration would not be successful if not for them! And some even take credit for something they did not even think of! Why do they behave that way? and the person who tought of the idea is just starting out and trying to make a name for himself.... and what is worse, others don't give credit to the right people.

People who have the power..... Recognise talents! Give credit when it's due!

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