Saturday, July 23, 2005


It takes a lot of hard work to make relationships work... Sometimes you just never know where to draw lines. Someone whom you think is a friend, eventually becomes some one you just happen to know. Someone whom you think you know and have known for years, turns out to be a person you barely recognise... What happens? What happens to change that dimension that once promised to be a great relationship?

Things happen. From them, I have sadly learned that I am naive and is basically a poor judge of character. I have always thought of people as friends first and eventually grow into great friends.... But I now know that they should have been aquaintances first. My heart breaks everytime these friends get hurt, by me or other people. I guess, my expectation would have been to clarify but sadly to these friends, I am not a friend to them, merely someone they know, thus not warranting any form of clarifications.

I have been told that I am overly sensitive. While that may be, I find that it makes me more emphatetic. I know that whatever my actions, there's always heart at the middle of it. If that makes me a weak person.... then so be it.

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