Monday, July 25, 2005


I was at Jurong Point this evening.With my sayang. A rare occasion in itself... Very quietly, we were comfortably seated at Mc Cafe sipping our pretty coffee and sharing a chunky chicken foccacia, when suddenly an indescribable stench wafted through the air... I immediately looked around to search where this certainly unwelcomed 'aroma' was coming from.

My attention was grabbed by a young couple with a child who was probably about a year and a half. But what appalled was me was that the mother was changing the diaper of her son who had done a major poo poo right at the table where the other patrons were eating!!!!

What were they thinking!? Did they think the patrons needed an added olfactory enhancement? Basically when I saw them, what crossed my mind was 'Are you stupid or what?!!'

Have people no regard for others what so ever? In fact on my way to Jurong Point, while waiting for a cab, another couple out of nowhere cut my queue and hijacked my cab! Why is that? Why? Why? If I had my wish for our nation's 40th birthday, it'll definitely be that my fellow countrymen show some empathy and regard for others.....

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