Saturday, July 23, 2005


I love this girl. Perhaps more than I should. Maybe it's just my inability to have one of my own. Sigh... but certain egos, certain insecurities of certain people have forced me to give up that love. All I can do now is just dwell in past happy memories I have had with her. Her cheekiness, her pretty little eyes, the way she tries to explain herself.... the way she cups me face with her tiny hands and tells me to not cry...

All my life, people that I truly love are always taken away from me... my dad and my yayi. They were the men in my life. I loved them more than life itself. I would give anything to just see them again... just one more time... But i guess, that's just the way life goes... People come into your life... and then they go.... Circle of life.

Fortunately for me, I have found another man who has taken my heart. Wonderful thing love is, just when something devastating happens and you think you just cannot love anymore, you meet somebody and your heart just fills up with so much love, you just want to burst. That's how I feel about my sayang. We've been married for almost 4 years now but everytime I see him and he smiles at me, it's like, the first time i realised that i love him, all over again.... :)

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