Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot Stuff

Ok, ok, so I admit it. I hate the heat. Well, I like some heat. On a cold rainy day heat from a hot mug of coffee is wonderful. On a cold winter's night, heat from the hug of a loved one is heavenly. BUT the heat we are having now is just painful. Look at the poor bloke waiting for the bus in the picture. I took this not very much of a picture while standing at the window having an internal debate as to whether I should go to the supermarket to buy the pangasius fillet to prepare and serve with my fried rice for dinner... Can you see just how hot it bloody is?? It seriously is not the kind of sunshine you'd want to bask yourself in and feel it's warmth hug you and make you feel oh so good. Seriously.
Now, it's great to have a nice rosy glow on the cheek and a wonderful tan on the skin, no? Unfortunately, yours truly have retarded skin. It doesn't tan, it burns. Not the burning that indicates that you've been spending days on the beach and surfing in the sea, but the burn you get when you've been charred in a fire. Ok, so I'm stretching it a bit, but you get the idea. I don't become a healthy red, I turn black. Not only that, my skin retains all the heat it has absorb and stores it for a long, long, long time. For instance, I firmly believe that I can still feel the heat I subjected myself to when I went to the market last thursday. I kid you not. today indicated that the temperature today is 33 deg. Scorching. How did I survive so long living in Sg? I think Sg is very humid and that allows the body to sweat and have a natural cooling mechanism. Incidentally, I don't like to sweat, which is probably why I'm fat. In Hk, it's relatively dry, which explains why my lips are cracking all the time, so not much of sweating goes on. At least from what I see of the HK-ers. Also, back in Sg, more often that not, I'm usually in a classroom which is well ventilated or in the staff room which is airconditioned so it wasn't too bad.
I cannot wait for the weather to cool off a bit. Last year, it was only this hot in August. This year it started in July. So hopefully, the cool will start earlier too? *Keeping fingers crossed*
Oh, in case you were wondering, pangasius is a fish. Depending on which continent from which it was caught, I could either be eating a catfish or a shark.

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