Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rest Well

Some close friends of ours suffered a loss recently. One of the beloved pet had passed on. I hope they find the strength within themselves to one day remember that wonderful feline that had brought them many laughs without feeling too sad. Our thoughts are with you guys.

I'm reminded of when I lost my cat. Baby, I called her. She was most gentle and beautiful but very standoffish..:O) Her expressions most days said only one thing, which was, 'you can look at me, I'm beautiful, I know, but please, do not touch me..' I swear I saw her rolling her eyes once...
I saw her last when I went back to Sg for a visit in May 08. She subsequently passed on on Sept 11th the same year. A drama queen right till the end, even the date that she left was dramatic. I miss her much. She was always there when Alam worked late and he worked late plenty. She was always there when I had to stay up through the night to work on assignments or last minute projects. She was always there. Unconditional love. She'll come alive when she heard her can of food being opened, or when she found a new toy to play with. When she was older she was just happy to be sprawling around doing absolutely nothing. Baby was very old for a cat. She was at least 20. That's super old apparently. Cats' life expectancy is usually 13-15 years. My Baby had lived a long life. She was the source of endless laughter for me and my family. I liked it when I thought she was missing and would more often than not, find her in one of my bags...:O) I liked it when Hari Raya neared, and me and mak were making the ketupats, she'd be busying herself with lying on the leaves and Alam would tease her with the vein of the leaf....Good times.
Well, my dear Baby, rest well. We'll meet again one day, you and I. Till then, Sayler'll keep you company.

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