Wednesday, May 05, 2010

An Attempt At Ressurrection

Busy, I have been. Abandoned life...or something like it, I have. So it is with great ambition that I have decided to attempt to breathe some life back into this pages where I rant and rave... Come on this journey with me, won't ya?

We're back in Sg. Alam got the golden handshake. Actually it wasn't golden, in fact there was no handshake at all. There was only an immediate notice, after which he was promptly accompanied out of the building. Security reasons, they said. They were so lucky it was Alam they were handling. If it had been yours truly, some tables would have been banged and some colourful expletives would definitely have come out.

Oh well. So after packing up our stuff and settling all administrative matters and after a wonderful visit by the divine ms O, we flew back on what may be our last flight from HK for the time being.

I returned to service. Posted to Alam's alma mater. How's that for cruel irony? As Alam began his job hunt here, I thought, so funny life is lah... now table's turned and I'm working while he's resting at home getting the rest he deserves.

Now, after 5 months of being back, Alam has gotten a new job, I have semi adjusted to the groove of the new school. All things considered, life as I know it is back to normal...

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