Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Smoke Signals

Every Tuesday and Friday, some very pretty fillipino ladies will come to change bedsheets and clean my room.They are very very nice people and we had lengthy conversations but I'd rather not be around when they do come around to do my room. You know what I mean. Today, like clockwork, they show up at 10 and started their rounds. So that was my cue to make myself scarce.

Armed with The Innocent Man and me spanking new British wrap courtesy of MBB, I headed towards Starbucks at Times Square. I thought a cup of caramel macchiato would do wonders for my groggy head and runny nose.

As I left my building after checking that temperature for the day was 10 degrees, the wind hit me in the face and literally took my breath away. As i drew some air and exhaled, 'smoke' came out from my mouth. You know the kind you get when the weather's really cold? I got that! So the excited nak mampos, i was busily exhaling to see more 'smoke' coming out of the mouth! Ya Allah! I called MBB and to my excited squeals, his reply was, "Okaaaay........." Sungguh tak excitingable!!

When I came back a few hours later, I opened the window and leaned out the window and continued to make my smoke..... hehehehe....

Ok dah.

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