Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Raining Men....

Well, not exactly men lah, but it rained today, the first time since I came to this land of the Cantos. It got really cold, when it rained just now. What with the wind and all. I think temperature was about 12 deg celcius. Cold right? So yours truly,was freezing her butt off although she was wearing her layer of babat. Heh. We were out when it began to rain so we thought we'd get out of the rain by popping by the first Starbucks we saw, but so did the many other people who were out so, there were no seats available.

We went to Ikea today. Pretty much the same things available, which was such a delight to me because I knew I could then get my cheap crockery for the new place. If ignored all the Cantos around me, it almost felt ike I was at Alexandra...

We went to Kowloon yesterday. I enjoyed the ferry ride. The ferry had very clever seats where the back rest can be moved so that you can be facing front or back depending on the direction the ferry was moving towards. Sounds complicated? Nevermind, when you come here, I'll gladly show you.

When we got to Kowloon, I was almost shocked to find that there were just SO many people. I thought HK Island was crowded but Kowloon in the TST area was just packed! I think, if I had come to Kowloon first when I first came to HK, I would have turned around and high tailed my way back home. The people in Kowloon were unfriendly and not nice. I find that the people on the island are much much nicer.

But we did meet someone really nice. We had lunch at this place called Shadowman Cybercafe. The owner is this friendly old man from SG. He came over and chatted with us. We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch and oh his food was fantastic as well.

Then off to MongKok we went. It's like a huge pasar malam. They are quite blatant with their fake stuffs. A bit confused also. they had Coach designs with Gucci stripes....hehe.... anyhow, I got me a Longchamp Bag, my designated pasar bag.... There are many many Billabong stuff, which I think Yun will love lah. They also have many shoes that I think Farah will go gaga over. I just can't wait for her to come.

Anyhow, all in all, my one day in MongKok didn't turn out to be too bad..... maybe round 2 will be better?


ain* said...


hope you're doing well and everything goes smoothly for the new apartment. enough space to sumbat all of not when we serbu there? haha.

well wishes,
ain (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Darling... OF COURSE!!!! All of you can lepak ramai ramai in the living room!!!

Do come! It'll be so fun to have all of you come!!