Friday, January 11, 2008

A Little Victory


I'm so bloody happy I tell you! Today we went over to Dan and Reika's place, over tea, we got to know one another. Dan's actually a financial journalist. He's the Deputy Editor of Finance Asia. How cool is that!! He's married to this very chio Japanese lady so being posted to japan is making her very happy....But what is waaaay cooler is that we got the apartment. The rent's HKD18000 but it is inclusive of EVERYTHING! Quite worth it lah. It even comes with a cleaning lady....! It's a load of our minds to finally have found a place that we actually like and is actually big enough for us to literally roll around. Heh. At least when we receive guests, there'll be ample space for them too. I cannot wait for my 2 little darlings to come over.

To celebrate this little victory of ours, MBB is taking me to Kowloon this weekend. We are on HK Island so we're gonna take the Star Ferry across. I'm rather excited about that. Will post pictures once my new-yellow-birthday-present-lappie is delivered!! That's right! I'm getting a new laptop for my birthday..... yahoo!!!

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Farah said...

ok, forget the sms, its like 3 am in the morning. last night i was in such a foul mood that even DD might be upset with me. Anyway great! i am curous now...2 LITTLE darlings??