Monday, November 07, 2005

When Day and Night meets....

Breathtaking. I felt so small when i saw this at 7.08 this evening. So great is His creation that I simply stood there and felt a lump in my throat... This picture was taken at the carpark at the 6th level at Harbourfront. If not for my extremely cute niece tugging at my hand, I'd probably cry. I remember having the same feeling when i saw my first in-your-face kind of sunset at Tanah Lot, Bali. When you actually wait to see a sunset, it really dawns on you how much we take for granted. Most days, sunsets are during the times when i rush home or when i'm queueing up to get dinner in some air con shopping mall.....
When i saw this today, apart from realising that God IS truly great, I realised how terrible it would be if i lost my sight. What would I do if I could not see this beautiful colours that he splashes across his canvas sky? What would I do if I were not be able to see the faces of the ones I love? What would I do if I can no longer teach my little people because i can no longer see?

I pray that i don't lose any of my senses. I pray that I learn to not take things for granted. I pray that He gives me the strength and patience to appreciate things around me.

I shall make it a point to get my glasses done.

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