Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eid Mubarak

A whole month of Ramadhan has passed and it's with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to it.... Lebaran has come and passed. I was excited about this raya. I had already booked the car to drive my lovelies around. My baju was going to be matchy matchy with MBB. I had ordered my fav kuihs. Looked like I was all set.

Then one by one things started falling apart. First, the car that I had booked was stolen and I had to wait till raya eve to confirm that I had a repalcement car. Then my seamstress called to say that my baju could not be ready by Raya coz she had fallen ill and was unable to jahit my baju. Then my Pa in Law was admitted to the hospital for infection of his dialysis point.

All I could do was, what else? Cry lah, me being the cengeng wedok that I am. But everything turned out ok I guess. On raya morning, Mak had dialysis so me and Far went to visit our dad. Miss him I do. But we had fun with our 'conversation' with him.

After that I went to fetch Ma in Law to the hospital. What happened there irritated the crap out of me. Let me tell you, I was to bring Mak around that afternoon, so when we went to the kubur, we were not dressed for raya lah, I was in jeans and a blouse. So was Farah. After i dropped farah off, MBB and I went to the hospital. To cut a long story short, i waited bloody long for the outlaws to come. The worst part was, PIL was so eager to go home but these people just took their own sweet time to come. When they finally came, they were all dressed up in their fancy schmancy raya clothes and yours truly was in jeans!

You tell me pissed or not? Raya some more, Chet!

So as a result, my time to start bringing Mak around was of course cut short lah! Bloody toads! No respect for other people's time but, the next day when we were a little late, their faces, blacker that the wok's piku! Like I cared!

Anyhow, the rest of my raya went on uneventful. For that I'm grateful.

On another note, I have been slowly and very reluctantly packing my stuff. giving away clothes, deciding what things to be given to who, what things to bring along, what to leave behind.... everytime I do this, tears just roll..... Feels like giving away your life like that.....

Well, this is the start of something new... Next week potential tenants will start coming to see the house. I'm getting a family from the US... How exciting....

To all, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.


Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

Hi Zak...just leaving my tracks here...had a gd time chatting with you and yr darling! See ya both again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's with the disappearance huh? Jeez, reply emails or answer phone calls lah dei! I need to make sure I have your new address and numbers and all!