Sunday, September 02, 2007

Yee Ha!!

We had a somewhat fun evening last night. The theme was Wild Wild West. Some of us got dressed up and some of us got reeaaaaaaally dressed up.Haha. Ok, it was fun to see.

This was our table. Yours truly simply threw on a $20 white cowboy hat rented from Costume!Costume! While I liked Serene's Bar Maid Do, I thought Saadiah looked more like the Ethnic Outfit of the Kadazans from Sarawak. Mdm J wore the wrong scarf, but thanx to her trusted buddies, that situation was quickly rectified. Check that out here. I was quite surprised that quite a few of my colleagues actually took the time to dress up. Some were really into the theme. Some were really really sexily dressed. Sadly, a few comitted serious fashion fauxs. Well, c'est la vie. We had fun noneheless.

We also had the 3 Amigos specially carriaged in from the Wild West. They proclaimed that they would sing any song we requested. But when I wanted them to do Pussycat Dolls' DonCha, they sang some country road song by a dead fella. Humph! But they were funny! They could even do the oh-so-brokeback pelvic thrusts after the song.... hehehehe

And by the way, the food was good!! The dessert was excellent too. There was also terrbly wonderful wonderful salmon, which I think Fiza got drunk on.... hahahah.... After dinner, we had a wind down session of bitching, fries, grumblings, shiok coffee and plenty of bengs and lian...... hahahah.... All in all, it was a good night. My sincerest thanx goes to our school's SWC, especially the little red indian chief.

Happy Teachers' Day y'all!!

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Anonymous said...

Eh eh, Jannah when became a blond ah?? Saadiah, alamak, cowgirl sesat eh?? LOL!